Engage your self at Jaipur Jantar

Chat, watch, smell, hear and feel the culture, nature and everything around

Vibrant, lively, colorful common spaces including a large garden, old trees, birdsong, clear blue skies above and a friendly world below it to rest, relax, share stories and make friends!

Jaipur Jantar has more than enough things to do – you can shoot a hoop in the basketball corner, play foosball, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable activities manager, go on a city walk, rent a bike, ride a balloon, try to spot a leopard, learn to tie a sari, cook indian food, listen to folk singers from the desert……. – the list of what you can do at Jaipur Jantar is magical and endless!!

Contact Details

J2, Jai Niwas, 3 Jalupura Scheme, Gopinath Marg, M I Road, Jaipur, Rajasthna - - 302001

Phone: 9829040897

Email: j2@jainiwas.com