Backpacking to Pink City?

Head to this chic comfort abode

Bitten by the Backpacker’s bug this Valentine’s season? Fret not, you’re about to sate your crave at India’s Pink city, Jaipur. You don’t need no balloons, or cupid cutouts to remind you that you’re celebrating Valentine’s day, instead embrace the season’s celebration at Jaipur’s palatial abode for Backpackers - Jaipur Jantar Hostel.

This high-ceilinged once upon a time residence houses 52 bunk beds, that’s over 26 couples to be precise. The bungalow cum hostel has over 6 spacious cozy dormitories with 5 of them being accessible to both genders while the 6th dormitory - Mandna 6 bed AC Dorm is exclusively for women. With landmarks such as Sindhi camp, Ajmeri Gate, Hawa Mahal, Bapu Bazar and Jantar Mantar being only close to 2 km away, it’s a go-to place of stay for most tourists of today.

This hostel is made opulent with absolutely vibrant upholstery that’s sure to leave yousnuggling on the sofa or in bed happily away. The place can also be called a B&B since the hostel whips up a king sized sumptuous meal, leaving you energized for some Jaipur mast! What’s more is that, you have access to WiFi 24/7 and you can get browsing away while being seated at the hostel’s diwan tucked away close to the ceiling.

Jaipur Jantar, Pink city's go-to haven for backpackers

We at Jaipur Jantar believe that it’s one's responsibility to live each day as fully as possible and thus, we bring to you activities that will help wanderlusters such as yourself make the most of every day. This is not an escape from everyday life rather, it marks the return to a life well lived. That’s a little something that you owe yourself to savour every once a while.

With an introduction to activities for most days in a week, we foster creativity and zest for life in our guests. To begin with, you can practise a couple of breathing exercises to tame your inner self with tranquil yoga sessions in the courtyard at Rs. 200 per head on #MantraMonday mornings, as we’d like to call it. On Wednesdays a.k.a midweek, we get how your inner being needs a boost and thus, we present to you ‘Movie nights’ at absolutely no cost. Nearing the weekend calls for a celebration, Fridays, rather known as #Friyay, is celebrated with the most interesting games. The Game night is free, so don’t hold back from shooting your ball through the hoop or fighting your way to score a goal whilst playing at our Foosball corner.

With the weekend having dawned post-game night, we’re pretty sure our backpackers crave for some sweaty adventure. Hence, #Saturdayswag involves fun, calorie burning, fitness regime Hiking! This rocky escapade is priced at Rs.450 per head. On Sunday or any other day during the week of your choice, we can schedule a ‘Live Cooking Demo’ coupled with Dinner. This is priced at Rs. 500 - 600 per pax.

With an experience for most days in a week, spacious ambience, vibrant upholstery, this abode for the creative in spirit and mind is sure to help you unplug from your hyper- connected lifestyle to a more earthen communal living.


Contact Details

J2, Jai Niwas, 3 Jalupura Scheme, Gopinath Marg, M I Road, Jaipur, Rajasthna - - 302001

Phone: 9829040897